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White House Beach Resort- The Best Resort In Alibaug With Swimming Pool

Best beach resort in Alibaug.
The best resort in Alibaug with swimming pool

When you travel by ferry from Gateway Of India, you are greeted with a unique experience. The 1-hour journey lets to explore the Arabian Sea like no other, and you feel bliss. You want to get to the destination, but you enjoy the journey too. “Alibaug will surely be beautiful”, you think to yourself. You want to experience the best resort in Alibaug with a swimming pool.

When you reach Mandwa Jetty, you think you had it all. But, you have a scenic route from Mandwa too! The route from Mandwa to Alibaug to Nagaon is scenic and filled with lush greenery. You get the best of both worlds!

Upon reaching Nagaon, you are surrounded by coconut grooves, greenery and rustic villages. Amidst all of it, you will notice a white-coloured building that stands out. When you come closer to it, the ample parking space will grab your attention.

"White House Beach Resort" is the name of the building. We heard about it from Bigfoot Stay, a travel company in Mumbai offering the best weekend getaways. It is the best beach resort in Alibaug with a swimming pool.

White House Beach Resort - The Best Resort In Alibaug With Swimming Pool

When you enter the building you are greeted by our warm receptionists. They welcome you in. When you enter, the homely restaurant will greet you. You check the menu. The resort in Alibaug with swimming pool offers a wide selection of Indian cuisine, Chinese Cuisine and Maharashtrian Thali. The food is tempting and you should give it a try. However, we will come to it later.

The resort has an indoor pool, which is quite spacious. The pool timings are from 8 AM to 10 PM. The area around the swimming pool also allows sample space for lounging. After lounging around the restaurant area, now is the time to relax in the rooms for some time.

The Rooms

couple friendly resort in Alibaug.
The rooms will surely make you feel at home!

The rooms are spacious and comfortable, with all the amenities you need. The property offers several types of rooms in Nagaon, Alibaug. These include Standard Rooms with Windows, Standard Rooms without Windows, Deluxe Rooms and Family Deluxe Rooms.

The common amenities in the rooms are air conditioning, king-sized beds, a private bathroom with hot water and a shower, a TV with cable, toiletries, soap wash and towels. The Standard Rooms are couple friendly, while the Deluxe and Family Deluxe rooms are perfect for families and large groups respectively.

White House Beach Resort is among the few couple-friendly resorts in Alibaug with a swimming pool. The Deluxe And Family Deluxe Rooms offer family-friendly rooms in Nagaon as well.

The Restaurant

resort with restaurant in Alibaug.
Our restaurant offers homely cooked food.

The small, homely yet well-decorated restaurant not only looks beautiful but also serves delicious food. You will fall in love with the various options that the restaurant provides such as Indian Cuisine, Chinese Cuisine and several Maharashtrian Thali. We are among the few resorts in Alibaug with a swimming pool and a restaurant.

Both delicious vegetarian and non - vegetarian food is prepared. You can also try the various special chicken, mutton, fish and veg thalis offered by White House Beach Resort in Alibaug. The restaurant also provides you with several refreshments such as cold drinks, bottled water and more!

The Swimming Pool

resort with swimming pool in Alibaug.
Our swimming pool will provide you with good times!

This resort in Alibaug offers the best swimming pool in Alibaug. The swimming pool is large, measuring 20*15 feet in dimension and 5.5 feet deep. It is an indoor pool, meaning it is free from the interference of outside weather. You can bring your friends and families along and have a great time at this beach resort in Alibaug with a swimming pool!

The swimming pool also has spacious lounging areas around it, where you can sit, lay down and relax after having fun in the swimming pool.

Banquet Hall

White House Beach Resort in Alibaug also has a spacious banquet hall that can accommodate around 100 people. The hall is perfect for hosting parties and corporate events in Alibaug. A DJ Can be arranged as well to play music.

Final Review

White House Reach Resort is the best resort in Alibaug for casual vacationers and budget travellers. If you want a great experience in Nagaon, you should book your weekend here! You will never be disappointed.

White House Resort - Frequently Asked Questions

Where is White House Beach Resort located in Alibaug?

White House Beach Resort is located in Nagaon in Alibaug. The address is Nagaon Bandar Road, Nagaon, Maharashtra - 402204.

Which are the best places to visit in Alibaug?

There are many places to visit in Alibaug, such as Kolaba Fort, Alibaug Beach, Nagaon Beach, Varsoli Beach, and Kihim Beach. If you go further south, you can visit Kashid Beach as well.

How to reach Alibaug from Mumbai?

There are several ways to reach Alibaug from Mumbai. One can either take a ferry from the Gateway of India or can travel by road.

How to reach Alibaug by ferry service?

You can take a ferry from the Gateway Of India in Mumbai. From there, you will reach Mandwa Jetty after an hour. From Mandwa Jetty, you need to travel by road to reach Alibaug. You can take a bus, an auto - cart or take your own car on a Ro - Pax service.

Is White House Beach Resort Couple Friendly? Yes, White House Beach Resort is a couple-friendly resort in Alibaug. The resort offers Standard Rooms with and without windows.

Does this resort in Alibaug have a swimming pool? Yes, White House Beach Resort in Nagaon has a swimming pool. In fact, it is among the best resorts in Alibaug with a swimming pool.


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