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Do you Love The Alibaug House In Gehraiyaan? Guess What! You Can Stay There Too!

The villa is the Alibaug House that was in Gehraiyaan. It was the most anticipated Bollywood release in 2022.
Ahilya By The Sea - The House In Gehraiyaan.

Gehraiyaan is one of the most anticipated movies in 2022. Its cast, its interesting script and mesmerizing setting have made it the talk of the B-Town! However, the one thing which has got people falling in love with is the Alibaug house in the movie! Yes, we know Valentine’s Day is over but something as good as the gorgeous house can surely make your heart pluck with arrows!

If so, then we have great news for you! This Villa is actually in Goa and you can stay there in real life too! The real name of the property is Ahilya By The Sea - A beautiful home turned into a boutique hotel!

Ahilya By The Sea - The House In Gehraiyaan

The boutique hotel has four independent villas and is nested in the calmness of Goa’s Coco Beach. With lush greenery, spacious rooms and infinity pools, it is a property that you shouldn’t miss out on! The property is just 13 kilometres away from the nearest airport and 100 meters away from Coco Beach, Goa. It’s a perfect escape if you are looking for a Goa vacation!

Fabulous Villas With Spectacular Rooms

The rooms at Ahilya By The Sea are decorated beautifully and has all the amenities you need.
The rooms are designed beautifully. Its Perfect For Your Goa Vacation.

The four villas are The Leela Villa, Sunset Villa, Sunrise Villa and the Arjun’s Tree House. Each villa has several rooms that are spacious and they come with all the amenities. The rooms are decorated using the owner’s personal collection of art and sculptures. The Villas also have a living room where the guests can sit and relax together. The Arjun Treehouse is the most unique since it is situated on the second floor of the tree tower.

It is a room in a treehouse at Ahilya By The Sea
Arjun's Treehouse - It's most unique spot

Each villa has its own feel and character. The rooms within each villa are unique too. You are spoilt for choices here!

The Amenities Are Awesome Too!

Al Fresco Dining is a famous restaurant. If offers Goan, French and Italian Cuisines.
Al Fresco Dining - Enjoy Delicious Cuisines here!

Al Fresco Dining by Ahilya By The Sea offers an a la carte menu with a mixture of Goan, Italian and French cuisine. They also offer a prix-fixe menu with the latest catch of the day. The property also has a spa, wellness centre and massage facility available.

Infinity pool at Ahilya By The Sea, a luxurious villa in Goa.
Infinity Pool - Take A Dive!

The Banyan Spa offers a wide variety of massages and therapies for relaxation and rejuvenation. The highlight of the property is the Sunrise Infinity Pool. It is perfect for morning laps as well as lazy afternoon dips. It is surrounded by coconut palms, pink and white frangipani.

The price for staying in this is around ₹20,000 per night. If you want to experience the vibe of Gehraiyaan in a Goa villa, then this is the place for you!

The Best Part? There Are Many Things You Can Do Around It Too!

Beaches in Goa
There are many beaches to explore in Goa!

The awesome villa in Goa has awesome things to do around it! There are many things you can do in Goa near Ahilya By The Sea. You should visit the wonderful beaches of North Goa such as Morjim, Ashven and Manderem. These beaches are less crowded, the sea is calm and not too rocky. The beaches also have many shacks, cafes and restaurants.

One of the many attractions in Goa.
Basilica of Bom Jesus

You can also try some hand in crab-catching by taking a boat from the neighbouring fishing village of Nerul. You can also visit the many UNESCO sites such as the Basilica of Bom Jesus. You can also enjoy a stroll towards the Regis Magos Fort and also experience a heritage walk.

Goa and Gehraiyaan - What Else Do We Need!

If you want to experience the Gehraiyaan vibes, then Ahilya By The Sea is the perfect spot to escape. So if you want to experience a perfect Goa vacation, then this is the place for you! Check out some of our blogs to know many other getaways!


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