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Best Camping Sites Near Mumbai Under Rs. 2,500/-

Best Camping Sites Near Mumbai Under Rs. 2500
Best Camping Sites Near Mumbai Under Rs. 2500

Camping is something which nobody will want to miss. It's a unique experience since it offers something which no other vacation experience provides. It provides fun, adventure and the experience of sleeping under the stars! Along with this, it also includes a lot of fun activities such as bonfires, games and a lot of group activities. Camping is gaining in popularity among people, which is also true for Mumbaikars. Vacationers are looking for the best camping sites near Mumbai under Rs. 2,500/- to have a different and fun weekend.

There are various campsites near Mumbai which you enjoy with your friends and family. We have listed some of the best camping resorts near Mumbai which you can look out for!

Best Camping Sites Near Mumbai Under Rs 2500/-

1. Avanti Kalagram

If you are looking for one of the best camping resorts near Mumbai, Avanti Kalagram is one of the options you should explore. Located in Mulshi, it faces the scenic Mulshi lake, which makes it a perfect spot for camping. It is also called an “Art and Adventure Village”, and is easily accessible from Mumbai by road.

It is showered with various activities, which includes but is not limited to Art and Craft Workshop, Indoor and Outdoor games, Ziplining, Rappelling, Swimming pool and various other activities.

Avanti Kalagram is also offering camping experiences with comfortable tents which will make your experience even more special and unique.

Distance from Mumbai: 155.8 KM

Highlights: Mulshi Lake and Dam.

Price - ₹1500/-*

2. Forganic Farms

Farm experience and camping at one location? Is it even possible? Yes! Forganic Farms makes it possible! Forganic, as its name suggests, is a paradise if you are looking for something green, unique and authentic.

It has various tent options, according to the package you will be choosing. The best part is that there are also a lot of activities in Forganic Farms which you can explore, such as stream trail, waterfall, activity room, Machhan and many others! You will never feel bored in Forganic Farms since is something for everyone there!

It is one of the best camping sites near Mumbai and you should give it a try.

Distance From Mumbai: 85 KM

Highlights: The farm and its various natural highlights

Price - ₹2200-/*

3. Mango Forest Resort

If you are looking for a hill-top experience along with camping, then Mango Forest Resort is one of the best camping sites near Mumbai for you! Located in the lush greenery of Velhe, this place should be on your radar if you are looking for something naturalistic.

Along with this, it is providing camping options as well. It has several activities such as a swimming pool, children’s play area, facilities for outdoor games. If you like indoor games, then there are facilities for that too!

You should give this place a try!

Distance From Mumbai: 219.9 KM

Highlights: The lush green surroundings of Velhe

Price - ₹2000/-* (Veg)/₹2200 (Non - Veg)

4. Pawna Lake Adventure Camping

If you want to camp in front of a beautiful lake, then Pawna Lake Adventure Camping is the place for you! Located at Pawna lake, it is a dedicated camping area which will surely give you great memories!

Offering both budget camping and deluxe camping options, it’s great for family, couples and a group of friends. The best part is that it is reasonably priced, meaning that you can enjoy one of the best camping sites near Mumbai without any worries!

Pawma Camping includes sports activities, music, campfire, delicious barbeque, unlimited dinner, snacks and breakfast. If you want a complete package, then this is the best place to be in!

Distance from Mumbai: 118.9 KM

Highlights: Pawna Lake

Price - ₹1499/-*

5. Bhandardara Lakeside Camping with Boating

Lakeside camping is something which we all die for! We present to you another lakeside camping experience! Bhandardada Lakeside Camping should be on your radar. The tents are on a double or triple sharing basis. The tents come with comfortable mattresses, pillows and blankets.

You can enjoy calm and relaxing boating in the calm waters of Bhandardara Lake, along with delicious meals. There is also a fun campfire session, where you can sit and relax with your friends and make memories.

Along with this, you can enjoy various indoor and outdoor activities and games as well! It is one of the best camping sites near Mumbai and it should be on your radar!

Distance From Mumbai: 165.3 KM

Highlights: Bhandardara Lake

Price - ₹900/-*

6. Kaas Plateau Camping

If you love flowers then Kaas Plateau is the place for you! It has 850 varieties of flowers that bloom during the monsoon season, which makes the place quite beautiful. The best way to enjoy it is to pull up your tents and camp there!

Kaas Plateau Camping provides you with comfortable tents on a sharing basis with pillows, mattresses, and dry toilet tents. You will be served with veg and non - veg meals, limited barbeque, dinner buffet and breakfast, which will satisfy your palette.

It is one of the best camping sites near Mumbai if you are looking for a calm, beautiful location.

Distance From Mumbai: 278.5 KM

Highlights: Kaas Plateau

Price - ₹2499/-*

With these camping recommendations curated by Bigfoot Stay, campers will surely make the best memories!


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