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10 Best Places To Explore In Dapoli - The Coastal Hill Station

A beautiful beach on the Konkan Coast
10 Best Places To Explore In Dapoli - The Coastal Hill Station

Dapoli is a coastal hill station in Konkan. It is a city located in the Ratnagiri District. The hill station offers the best of both worlds, a hill station atmosphere with beautiful beaches. It is an emerging destination, as many tourists are exploring different places. Many hotels, as well as homestays, have come up in the hill station. There are many beaches, temples and caves in this Hill Station. We have identified The 10 Best Places To Explore in Dapoli - The Coastal Hill Station so that you enjoy a great vacation!

10 Best Places To Explore In Dapoli - The Coastal Hill Station

1. Karde Beach

A beautiful beach in Dapoli.
Karde Beach

If you are looking for a relatively untouched beach on the Konkan Coastline, then Karde Beach is the one for you! The beach stretches for 4 Kilometres and is one of the best places to visit in Dapoli. The beach has glittering golden sands and a blue sea.

Some of the experiences you can relish on this beach are bird watching, dolphin spotting, swimming, and also staying at beachfront resorts and hotels!

2. Ladghar Beach

A beach in Dapoli with watersports
Ladghar Beach

If you are looking for a beach with watersports activities, then Ladghar Beach is one of the best places to explore in Dapoli. The beach is a mixture of sand and rocks. Burondi is a small village at the southern end. The attraction is also known as Tamas Teertha due to the prominence of red pebbles on the beach.

The beach is popular with visitors for its various activities which include, boat rides, dolphin spotting, parasailing and other types of activities.

3. Murud Beach

A rocky beach in Dapoli.
Murud Beach

Surrounded by rolling hills on three sides, Murud beach is another great place to explore in Dapoli. It is a black sand beach. The beach boasts of many water sports activities, which you can do along with soaking in the sun and the sands.

If you are a history buff, you can also visit the Murud - Janjira Fort nearby.

4. Panhalekaji Caves

An ancient man-made cave in Dapoli
Panhalekaji Caves

40 Kilometres from Dapoli, it is one of the well known man-made caves in Maharashtra. There are 29 rock-cut caves, which have the models of Ganpati, Saraswati, as well as Ganesh. The caves also depict the scene of Ramayan and Mahabharat. It is a great place for history enthusiasts.

5. Keshavraj Temple

A beautiful temple. One of the things to do in Dapoli
Keshavraj Temple

Keshavraj Temple is located in Asudbaug, which is 6 kilometres away from the Dapoli - Harne Road. There is a trail for this temple that leads down from Dabkewadi. The trail is full of greenery, in addition to the coconut trees.

There is also the idol of Lord Ganpati to the left of the Temple. The temple is surrounded by stone pavements on all four sides. The best part about this temple is the stream which flows throughout the year. Keshavraj is set amidst the dense forest and is surrounded by flora and fauna.

6. Parshuram Bhumi


Parshuram Bhumi is a hilltop famous for its scenic beauty and view. The statue is located in Burondi near Ladghar Beach. Lord Parshuram is the 6th Avatar of Lord Vishnu.

The 21 feet statue of Lord Parshuram is located on the top of one half of the globe. The globe has a radius of 20 feet. It is one of the best spots to get a view of the Tamas Teertha and the surrounding areas. It is one of the landmark places to explore in Dapoli.

7. Unhavare Hot Springs

Hot spring near Dapoli
Unhavare Hot Springs

Unhavare is famous for its many hot springs. The hot springs are at a regular boiling point, making it one of the unique places to explore in Dapoli. You should be shoeless when you visit the hot springs.

8. Kadyavarcha Temple

A famous temple in Dapoli.
Kadyavarcha Temple

Kadyavarcha Ganpati is a famous Ganesh Temple. It was first constructed with wood around 1150 AD. The temple has a stone staircase that leads to the top of the temple. You get a great view from there. It is one of the best places to explore in Dapoli.

9. Chandika Devi Mandir

Chandika Devi Temple
Chandika Devi Temple

The idol of the goddess is made of a single stone and placed in the natural mountain cave. The Temple is set in an area that does not use electricity. The temple is mesmerizing and it is one of many places to explore in Dapoli.

10. A Golden Trek, Our Secret

A secret trek from The Serene Nest
A Golden Trek - The secret you will be excited to uncover

The best-kept secret can only be covered if you are trying in The Serene Nest, the beautiful villa in Dapoli. You need to trek for an hour to complete it. The starting point of the trek is a 10-minute drive away from the property.

The best about the trek is the view that you can get after you trek. You get to see the coast from the mountain top. The best part is that it is quite secret, meaning that you and your buddies will be the few people on the trek.

This blog is curated by BigFoot Stay to make your Dapoli Vacation a memorable one!


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