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Follow These Travel Tips To Be A Smart Traveller This Vacation

travel tips for smart travellers.
Follow These Travel Tips To Be A Smart Traveller This Vacation

Everyone has a dream. Some people have a dream of being something or achieving something. Others, like me, have the dream of exploring the world. If you want to explore the world properly, being a smart traveller is non - negotiable. By following these travel tips, you will be able to travel anywhere conveniently!

Why Do You Need To Be A Smart Traveller?

Travelling may seem to be all fun and games, however, it is more than that. A traveller needs to keep several things in minds such as safety, directions, transportation, budgeting and much more. Life may be an unexpected adventure, but travelling needs planning if you want to make the most of it.

This is where being a smart traveller comes in handy. By following various travel tips, you can avoid accidents, losing your way, injuries, non - compliance with documents, inconvenience and more! We have listed a few travel tips that will make you a smart traveller.

Travel Trips For A Smart Traveller

1. Carry All The Important Documents

I know, many vacationers dread that D - word. However, like our vegetables, we need them for our own good. Hotels, flights, railways, immigration and hotels require documents such as Passport, Visa, Tickets, booking confirmation, IDs and more.

Missing any of these documents will ensure that your holiday will be ruined. Hence, be diligent in the documentation and you will be ready and set to go.

2. Remember All The Timings (Please!)

There are many occasions when you check the timings for flight, train and any event once and you never recheck again. It is not a big deal until it's too late and you end up reaching the airport 30 minutes after the appropriate them and miss the flight.

Don’t end up being that person. If you have to, recheck the ticket or pass 4 - 5 and especially a day before departure. Being sure of accurate timings is one of the aspects of a smart traveller.

3. Confirm Accommodation Booking

Many travellers book the accommodation, forget about it, and then when they reach the hotel, they discover that the booking has not been confirmed due to technical issues. To avoid such mishaps, you should confirm the booking by checking the confirmation mail. With this, you have proof of booking.

4. Carry Appropriate Clothing

There are many vacationers who will carry way more clothing than required. Others take the ‘travel light’ principle to an extreme. Smart travellers carry how much is required. If you are travelling for 3 days, pack your bag in such a way that you will have sufficient clean clothes to last the entire trip.

If you need to carry a winter jacket/hoodie, carry a maximum of 3 - 4 pairs of it, because winter clothing is heavy and you have to abide by the luggage rules of airlines. No need to carry too many inners because they will be anyways hidden in winter. In a colder climate, you can afford to repeat clothing without washing for longer.

5. Know The Transport Options

As a smart traveller, you need to decide whether you want to use public transportation or use a cabs/hotel-provided driver facility. Sometimes, you need a mix of all the options. If you are planning you use public transportation at the holiday destination do your research and even ask the hotel additional queries. Also, don’t hesitate to ask the person at the counter or help desk.

6. Keep Your Phone Charged

This may sound like trivial advice, however, smart travellers understand that ignoring it can cause many issues, especially, if you are travelling to an unknown place. Smartphones have now emerged as an arsenal with maps, calling, and searching for attractions and transport.

A discharged phone will leave you vulnerable to getting lost, and unable to locate the places you want to explore and even reach the hotel. To avoid these issues, it is always prudent practice to keep your phone 100% charged before you leave. Always carry a power bank with you.

7. Prohibited Items

Many times while packing, you end up carrying prohibited items in the luggage or carry bag. This is especially relevant during flights. Always check to ensure that you are not carrying any prohibited items such as lighters and power banks in the check-in bag, or any prohibited items in the carry bag.

8. Never Be Intoxicated (Except In Your Room)

Getting drunk in Goa, Lonavala, or any other destination sounds fun and games until you pass out, find yourself in a police station or even removed from your hotel. So always drink alcohol in moderation.

The only appropriate place to pass out is in your own room, and that too without making any mess. You should also not drink/consume or carry alcohol/intoxicants where it is illegal. You don’t want to land up in jail.

By following these travel tips, you will become a smart traveller who can handle any destination in style! Read our blogs to know more about the various weekend getaways near Mumbai and Pune.


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