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Top 5 Photoshoot Destinations In Maharashtra For Weddings And Other Events

Top 5 Photoshoot Destinations in Maharashtra For Weddings and Other Events
Top 5 Photoshoot Destinations in Maharashtra For Weddings and Other Events

Photographs are the memories you treasure, that's why we cannot get enough of them! Taking the best pictures at a picture-perfect location is always our dream! Be it a wedding, pre-wedding, maternity shoot, or any precious moment, we need great photographs for every occasion! For any event, having a photoshoot is of utmost importance and for that, you need great locations too. There are a lot of photoshoot destinations in Maharashtra which you can explore. We have made a list of Top 5 Photoshoot Destinations in Maharashtra For Weddings and Other Events.

Top 5 Photoshoot Destinations in Maharashtra For Weddings and Other Events

1. Shantai By The Lake

If you are looking for a place that is full of nature and tranquillity, then Shantai By The Lake is the place for you! The resort touches a beautiful lake, which is great for your photoshoots. Located in Guhagar, its scenic beauty makes it a perfect wedding photoshoot destination.

It has comfortable rooms and a spacious lush lawn. This will make your wedding a beautiful one. It is a recommended photoshoot destination in Maharashtra since it has photogenic features such as a huge lake, rare species of birds and lush green lawns. Its rustic property backgrounds, luxurious rooms, traditional architecture and lakeside veranda also add to the charm.

For these reasons, this resort is among the top 5 photoshoot destinations in Maharashtra.

Location: Guhagar

Distance From:

Mumbai - 274.9 KM

Pune - 236.5 KM

Highlights: Lake and the Resort Lawns.

2. Cherilyn Monta Resort

Cherilyn Monta is an all-inclusive luxury resort that offers luxury, comfort and elegance. It has pristine greenery, large water bodies, more than 3000 trees and is also home to 80 species of birds. It has 9 villas and various other types of accommodations. This makes it a perfect photoshoot destination in Maharastra. You can have your best pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding, as well as maternity shoots here!

It has several types of rooms to provide you with a comfortable stay. It has Suites, Deluxe Suites, Super Deluxe Suites as Bungalows.

The best part is that it has an event hall that extends to the lush green lawns. This is a perfect venue for weddings as well as wedding photoshoots. Lush green trees, colourful flora and fauna, natural water bodies, lakes and luxurious villas make it one of the top 5 photoshoot destinations in Maharashtra.

Location: Ratnagiri

Distance From:

Mumbai - 430.1 KM

Pune - 287.5 KM

Highlights: 3000+ Trees and 80 Species of Birds

3. Yashodhan Agri - Tourism

If you want to have a wedding/pre-wedding photoshoot in a naturalistic setting with a rustic feel, then Yashodhan Agri - Tourism is the place for you!. This farm resort will take you away from the hectic and mundane city life and will make you fall in love with nature. It is surrounded by farms on all sides, which makes it a lush green paradise.

It also has comfortable accommodations, which ranges from Royal Suites, Royal Tents, Dormitory Cottages and Dormitory Tents. It’s a great photoshoot destination in Maharashtra that will provide you with ultimate comfort. It also provides you will memorable experiences such as food cooked with traditional chulha, which will make your stay even special.

Yashodhan has a multi-purpose hall that can accommodate all kinds of events, ranging from wedding and pre-wedding celebrations. The hall is combined with a 12,000 sq. ft garden, which makes it a perfect place for destination weddings and photoshoots.

It is one of the top photoshoot destinations in Maharashtra if you are looking for something unique and rustic.

Location: Junnar

Distance From:

Mumbai - 256.2 KM

Pune - 201.9 KM

Highlights: The Surrounding Farms

4. Tropicana Resorts and Spa

If you want a place that can offer you both luxurious and camping experiences, look no further! Tropicana Resorts and Spa in Alibaug is here for you! It is a luxurious resort spawning over 12 acres of land full of lush and heavenly greenery. Along with it, a poolside, a lounge bar and gazebos make it a great venue for any photoshoot.

If you are looking for a great photoshoot destination in Maharashtra which is near Alibaug then this place is definitely for you.

Whether it is mehndi, sangeets, maternity, wedding photoshoots, bridal showers and bachelor's parties, this resort will always give the perfect photoshoot destination experience. The resort provides you with a banquet hall and lawns, which is a great combo for photoshoots.

It offers great accommodations as well. It has Deluxe Rooms, Club Pool Suite and the Royal Villas. This deserved to be on the Top 5 Photoshoot Destinations of Maharashtra!

Location: Alibaug

Distance From:

Mumbai - 92.7 KM

Pune - 140.1 KM

Highlights: Bandcamp with Bar.

5. Malhar Machi

If you love the view of blue waters over the Sahyadri hills, then Malhar Machi is the place for you! With its natural and rustic look, this place should be on your list of photoshoot destinations in Maharashtra!

If you want to have a pre-wedding, wedding or bridal shoot, then this place is definitely for you! It has lush green surroundings and a natural feel. These surroundings are the best for wedding photoshoots because nature will always give photographs a natural feel.

It has several types of accommodations as well. It offers Maharaja Room, Bougainville Cottages, Premium Rooms, Maharaja Dormitory Rooms, and Premium Dormitory Rooms.

Its location makes it a great place to shoot weddings and other events. It also offers glamour photoshoots which makes it a perfect photoshoot destination.

Location: Mulshi

Distance From:

Mumbai - 168.1 KM

Pune - 47.3 KM

Highlights: Sahyadri View

With these many options identified by Bigfoot Stay, you will have a great photoshoot!


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