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Top 5 New Year 2022 Events Near You - Stay, Dance, Food, Adventure

Top 5 New Year 2022 Events Near You - Stay, Dance, Food, Adventure
Top 5 New Year 2022 Events Near You - Stay, Dance, Food, Adventure

Time keeps moving ahead, and 2021 is no different. The year is coming to an end, but a new year is waiting for you on the horizon. 2022 comes with many hopes, possibilities, ups and downs, and most importantly, it is the beginning of a new chapter. New Year 2022 calls for a celebration! And there are many different ways you can celebrate the year. You can enjoy great food, dance till your feet are tired, and also on an adventure! The best part is that you can do all of those at the same time! We present you the Top 5 New Year 2022 Events Near You - Stay, Dance, Food, Adventure; which you will enjoy for sure!

1. Yashodhan Farms

Yashodhan Farms is a lush, spacious and enjoyable agro-tourism resort. If you want to enjoy the best resort experience which is nature friendly, then this is the place to be. This resort is a great way to spend your New Year 2022 since you will be able to enjoy a unique experience away from the boring and hectic city life. Yashodhan has spacious and comfortable rooms and comes in different varieties. You will also get to enjoy delicious food cooked with Chulha!

For New Year’s Eve, many events are planned. Yashodhan has Gala Dinner where you will be treated to various delights. There are fireworks as well, which will make your New Year Eve even more beautiful. If you want to enjoy something delicious, we also have Barbeque Sessions, where you can enjoy delicious grills.

What will New Year 2022 be without music? You may ask. Yashodhan has also arranged DJ Night for you. Last but not least, we also have an Orchestra, which will make your New Year even more delightful. So pack your bags and come to Yashodhan Farms to experience the Best Year You can!

2. Cherilyn Monta Resort

The Konkan region is full of greenery and also has a beautiful coastline. If you want to experience the best of Western Ghats, you need to head to one place, Cherilyn Monta Resort in Ratnagiri! The Resort is luxurious and is filled with beautiful trees, numbering around 3000+. The resort is 80 acres of rich greenery. The resort has many rooms, that will make your stay comfortable and memorable.

For New Year, you have planned many events. If you love singing, we have arranged a Karaoke for you. We also have beautiful performances lined up which you will surely enjoy. We have also arranged for DJ Night, Magic Show and Fireworks. There is also a Veg and Non - Veg Buffet with delicious meals, which will make 2022 even more memorable.

3. Gypsy Soul

Located in Panshet, Gypsy Soul will surely provide you with the best camping experience in town! The best part? They have something wonderful in store for you for New Year 2022. The Gypsy Saga is the best way to end the year. The package includes a Live Band - The State Bus, DJ night, and an Open Cinema where you can enjoy some midnight maggie!

Along with these, we also have a bonfire, where you can chill with your friends. The campsite is set amidst nature so this will be a perfect getaway away from your everyday boring life.

Gypsy Soul offers Camping Tents, Cottages and Luxury Tents. The property has a great ambience and many activities. It also offers a bonfire. The food served is Pure Veg, while Non - Veg food will be served at an extra cost. There is also a Book Cafe, where you can relax and enjoy delicious snacks.

4. Forganic Farms

If you are looking for a spacious farm to celebrate your New Year Celebrations, then Forganic Farms is the place for you. The 22 acres property is full of lush greenery with river trails, a lake, and a variety of trees. The best part? It follows the principle of being organic. If you are want to enjoy your new year in a sustainable manner, then Forganic Farms is the place for you!

For the New Year 2022 Celebrations, you will be offered refreshments and delicious starters. Till then you can spend time exploring all the beauty and adventure it has to offer. The best part is the dinner, where you will enjoy homecooked veg and non - veg meals. Forganic Farms have also arranged fireworks as well as Plum and Rawa cake.

There are many types of accommodations available, such as Tents, Deluxe Rooms, Bamboo Cottages, and Dorms. If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful new year, then this is the place for you!

5. Mantra Resorts

Mantra Resort is a nice resort near Pune to celebrate New Year. The rooms are spacious and the resort comes with many amenities as well. There are several dining options to explore and enjoy while you are there.

For New Year 2021, they have planned many activities. They have fun games, fashion contests and beauty contests. Mantra Resort has also organized a DJ Night and Magic Show. If you planning to celebrate your new year, then this is the place for you.

Bigfoot Stay is committed to providing a great guest experience as well as memorable experiences. Check our blog page to know more!


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