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Things To Keep In Mind Before You Travel During Omicron Travel Restrictions

Travelling during Omicron travel restrictions.
Things To Keep In Mind Before You Travel During Omicron Travel Restrictions

The Omicron Variant has swept the world again. Even though it is considered to be mild compared to the Delta Variant, its exact severity is still unknown. In its wake, the government has introduced travel restrictions as well. It is not a lockdown, although a lot of activities have been restricted and even capacity is restricted too!

Omicron travel restrictions have been put in place. Of course, a lot of people are going to refrain from travelling, however, many still want to travel - taking all the precautions of course.

In the midst of all this, you need to keep certain things in mind before you travel during Omicron travel restrictions. Covid has become a new normal now, and you need to adjust your travelling plans and habits accordingly. There are a few things to keep in mind before travelling during Omicron travel restrictions.

Things To Take Care Of During Omicron Travel Restrictions

1. Check Local Travel Restrictions in Advance

Many State Governments are imposing travel restrictions in the wake of the rapid spread of the Omicron Variant. For example, Maharashtra has imposed restrictions on sitting capacity in restaurants, gyms, salons and spas. They have restricted the timings as well. For example, Section 144 has been imposed, meaning, not more than 5 people can be assembled t a point.

If you leave your home without doing adequate research, disappointment will be the least of your concerns, if you have legal action and fine awaiting you. The information is readily available on the internet.

2. Check The Hotels On The OTA’s And Call Them Directly For Best Possible Price

You should use the internet to your advantage and research the prices of the various hotels. In the wake of the travel restrictions, the prices of hotels and homestays have been reduced. When you all the hotel directly, they can give you special deals and discounts from their side. OTAs are a great platform to get the price during the new wave. You can then negotiate the best possible price accordingly.

3. Check The Latest Google Reviews

Google Reviews can give an idea of how good is the place, and whether or not they satisfied the expectations of their previous customers. It is always beneficial to check the latest review. The latest reviews will give a better picture of the property because the state and quality of the property keep changing over time. You will also get an idea of the various Covid Appropriate Infrastructure, or the lack of it. Check out if they have Sanitisers, arrangements for social distancing, and medical aid available.

4. Check If The Staff Is Double Vaccinated

With these new Omicron travel restrictions in place, you need to be aware of the vaccination status of the staff on the premises. Double Vaccination can ensure protection from severe cases. Having vaccinated staff can also prevent the spread of Covid to the guests.

5. Check The Hotel Cancellation Policy During The Omicron Travel Restrictions

Imagine you have booked a stay at a hotel. You are all excited, due to less crowd and cheaper prices. One day, all of the sudden, you get a news notification. It reads - “Inter-district travel is banned” Or “Complete Lockdown imposed”.

Situations are these are nightmarish for sure. However, what can help is a hotel having an accommodating cancellation policy. You should always check the cancellation policy of the hotel before booking. The situation is uncertain, and you never know when you have to cancel your stay at the hotel. Therefore, a hotel, homestay or resort which returns the full amount after cancellation is your best bet.

6. Reach The Hotel Well In Advance Before The Start Of Curfew Timings

You should reach your hotel before the curfew timings start, to prevent any inconvenience or run up with the police, due to Covid restrictions put in place. You should plan when you should reach the place and when you will leave. Many states have weekend lockdown too, so travel accordingly.

7. Don’t Travel If You Are Feeling Unwell, Even If Slightly

In the good old days, when you got a slight cough and cold, you would say “No big deal! I’m fine”. However, with Covid, you need to take things a little more seriously. With Omicron Travel Restrictions, there are border controls at the state level which check for double dose vaccination proof. In case you don’t have one, they will ask for a Covid Test. If you don’t have that either, then they will test you. If you come out positive, you will be quarantined. You want to avoid this situation. If you are under the weather, you should give yourself some rest.

8. Follow Covid Appropriate Behaviour

It goes both ways, the guest should expect the staff to follow Covid appropriate rules, and the guest should follow them too. Covid management and prevention is a two-way street. If you want to protect yourself and those around you from Covid, then you will need to follow Covid appropriate behaviour. It includes maintaining social distancing, wearing a mask as well as getting yourself vaccinated.

9. Avoid Travelling In Big Groups

It’s tempting to travel with a large group of friends and family, and understandably so. However, due to Covid Restrictions, you will need to travel in small groups to prevent the spread of covid as well as to comply with Covid Rules. You need to be careful to not put yourself and others at risk.

10. Take Essential Medicines With You

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Always take medicines with you. In case, you do end up falling sick during your stay, you can take these medicines and manage yourself. Take some paracetamols, antacids, cough candies and painkillers when you go out. Before you book a stay, check whether they have a first aid box and arrangements for an emergency.

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