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8 Monsoon Travel Tips For Those Who Want To Enjoy The Rains

Monsoon Travel Tips.
8 Monsoon Travel Tips For Those Who Want To Enjoy The Rains

Summers may or may not give you a vacation, but they will always give you heat, humidity and sweat. We all are now waiting for a respite, and the respite is coming soon. The monsoon season is everyone’s favourite season for a reason - refreshing raindrops, cool weather and scenic ambience is the reason why we all wait for the rains to come. Monsoon travel is considered to be mandatory, especially if you are from Konkan. At the same time, one needs to follow important monsoon travel tips.

Monsoon is the best time to explore various getaways near Mumbai and Pune. The hill stations are filled with greenery, the weather is chilly and the atmosphere to serene and scenic. However, if you want to make the most out of your monsoon trip, you will need to follow some monsoon travel tips to make the most out of your vacation!

Monsoon Travel Tips

Monsoon travel tips for the best weekend getaway.
Monsoon is the best time to explore weekend getaways!

These travel tips will ensure that you have a safe and sound monsoon getaway without any hassle, inconvenience or injury.

1. Check Which Places Are Safe During Monsoons

After travelling, always check which places can be safely travelled during monsoons. Avoid travelling to places which are prone to flooding and landslides. In fact, avoid places that have steep slopes and roads. Avoid places that are too steep and too high. Avoid going trekking on high mountains, since the soil becomes more sensitive, and has chances of cloud bursts.

2. Always Check The Weather Forecast

Monsoons are wonderful, refreshing and rejuvenating. However, at the same time, they are unpredictable as well. Monsoons are also associated with risks such as landslides, flooding and damage. If it rains too heavily, things become riskier. Following monsoon travel tips is essential if you want to be safe.

Hence, you should always check the weather forecast to ensure that you will safe and sound when you travel.

3. Don’t Forget Your Umbrella

We all have forgotten our umbrellas, but always carrying your umbrella is one of the most important monsoon travel tips. Monsoons and umbrellas need to go hand in hand, especially to avoid falling sick due to getting wet. Foldable umbrellas and raincoats easily fit into the bags and will also protect you from getting wet.

4. Carry Waterproof Clothes and Footwear

Without proper clothing, your monsoon vacation will be ruined when it rains and your clothes don’t match the weather. Always carry monsoon-friendly synthetic clothes with you that will dry faster. Always carry a synthetic windcheater with you to protect yourself from getting wet. It is one of the most important monsoon travel tips.

Footwear is especially important when you travel during monsoons. Arrange for waterproof shoes and avoid wearing shoes which get ruined when wet. There is a difference between water-resistant shoes and waterproof shoes. Waterproof shoes are recommended.

5. Carry Medicines and Repellents

Monsoons are fun, but fun always comes with risk. Carrying essential medicines and repellents is one of the most important monsoon travel tips. You should bring your first aid kit, essential medicines for unexpected colds and headaches, and prescribed medicines. Getting sick during vacation is the worst thing ever!

Monsoons are also infamous for mosquitos and insects. If getting sick is bad enough, getting bitten by insects and mosquitos can cause itching, sickness and irritation. Always carry mosquito repellant cream with you.

6. Avoid Eating Street Food

Eating a hot vada pav at a stall in Lonavala during the rains might seem tempting. But for your stomach, it is an impending disaster. During monsoons, there is an increased risk of waterborne diseases, flies and dirt. Avoid eating street food and ensure that you eat food cooked at hygienic places.

7. Waterproof Covering Is A Lifesaver

Your devices may or may not be waterproof, but carrying a waterproof covering for your devices is the best way to save your device from malfunctioning due to unexpected water. It is one of the most underrated monsoon travel tips.

You should have waterproof protective covers for your phones, laptops, tablets and cameras. This is to ensure that you can click wonderful photos and share it on social media and with loved ones.

8. Be Careful While Driving

There is nothing like a monsoon road trip, but it is risky as well. Avoid driving rashly and even if you reach your destination a little late, driving safely is always worth it. Use all the important car lights while driving to ensure visibility.

With these monsoon travel tips, you will be able to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. There are many great monsoon getaways near Mumbai and Pune that you shouldn’t miss. Check out our blogs to know more about the various getaways.


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