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Homestays Or Hotels? 8 Reasons Why You Should Choose The Latter!

Homestays Or Hotels? 8 Reasons Why You Should Choose The Latter!

Whenever one books for the next vacation, people mostly look for two types of accommodations - hotels or resorts. At times, people have a fixed idea as to which accommodation to choose depending on the location. Most guests check the OTAs or hotel websites for rooms, choose the one which they like and then makes the booking. However, a new type of accommodation has emerged - homestays.

Homestays have gained prominence due to them offering something unique to the hotel guests. Hospitality customers want to experience something new and homestays are giving them an option other than the standard hotels and resorts.

What Are Homestays?

A homestay in Panchgani.
Homestays will provide you with a unique experience!

A homestay is a villa, apartment or any non-hotel accommodation that has been converted into hospitality accommodation. It can be a part of a house as well. Homestays are called as such because they give the visitors an experience of staying at someone’s house. A homestay may offer the entire villa or some parts of the accommodation for the visitor. Other than sleeping arrangements, they can offer home-cooked food, pick and drop, caretaker, local travel information and arrangements.

The main idea of a homestay is to make people feel at home away from home and provide them with a unique experience. The difference between a hotel and a homestay lies in the services, and the ambience. Hotels are well-established accommodations that offer various amenities such as a swimming pool, room service, gyms and spa services.

Homestays on the other hand are limited in their services due to space and budget. Some homestays have a swimming pool while others don't. Some of them may offer rooms on an individual basis. The main difference between a hotel and a homestay boils down to the personalization of the guest experience. Homestays deal with lesser guests at a time compared to hotels and hence, can provide better guests experience to customers.

8 Reasons Why One Should Choose Homestays Over Hotels.

Planning your next vacation, here are the 8 reasons why one should choose homestays over hotels for their next vacation!

Experience The Local Feel Of The Place

When you stay in a hotel, you are mostly confined to your room after you are done sightseeing. Homestays, on the other hand, allows you to experience the best of the local place. Instead of staying in a huge building, you are staying at a home, making the experience more personalized.

Your local caretaker will help you experience the place like no other by giving you intimate information about the place and helping you around. They can cook delicious local cuisine as well, along with showing you the best restaurants.

Home Away From Home Experience

If you stay in a hotel room, you will start missing your home in 3 days at least. Homestays will make you feel at home with their homely vibe, comfort, space and the home-cooked food the caretaker offers. You can build connections with the locals better and also let your hair down.

Relish The Local Cuisine

Nothing matches the wholesomeness and the deliciousness of the home-cooked food. At a homestay, you will be able to experience homecooked food away from home. You can also see what the host is preparing and also learn some new recipes! You can cook your food as well.

If you want to eat out, your host can also guide you to the various local joints available that are the favourite of the people there.

Explore The Location Beyond The Travelogue

Your homestay host will help you show unique places that escape the eyes of travelogue writers. The host will also guide you with many shortcuts and different unique localities that are unknown to casual tourists.

More Privacy

When you are at a hotel, you are with several other guests as well. You are never alone when you are at the hotel. However, at a homestay, you are free from the inconvenience of dealing with other guests. You can have quality time with yourself, your friends and family.

Make New Friends

Some homestays give on a room by room basis. It means that you make new friends with other guests! Since hotels are big, you won't bother to interact with other guests. However, at a homestay, you will be able to interact with different people since the number is less and the environment is less segregated as well. Many homestays have a common area where they can sit, relax and interact with each other.

Help The Local Economy

When you stay at a homestay, you help a family gain additional income to support their families. Along with it, you also help the various other establishments such as local restaurants, cafes, shops and grocery stores. Good hotels will always flourish but homestays need additional care and support.

Affordable and Cost-Effective

Homestays are affordable and cost-effective. A single hotel room can be costly, but an entire villa can get you a good deal. Since they have lesser frills, they can charge less. They offer home-cooked food and a comfortable stay at a great price.

How To Choose The Right Homestay?

You may be an experienced traveller or you be a casual one. If you are new to the concept of homestay, here are some things you need to keep in mind when you choose a homestay:

  • Check the amenities available in the homestay and decide whether they are suitable for you.

  • Check if the homestay offers breakfast and meals.

  • Before you book a homestay, ask the host all the important questions so that you don't face any confusion when you land there.

  • Check the reviews and ratings of the homestay to make an informed decision.

With these points in mind, we are sure that you will be tempted to stay at a homestay. Check out more of our blogs to know more able vacations and getaways!


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