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A Secret Trek Leading To India’s Gold Coast In Dapoli - The Serene Nest

Villa In Dapoli
The Serene Nest

A Coastal Hill Station 200 Kilometres away from Mumbai, Dapoli is a small city located in Ratnagiri, in the Konkan Region. The city located in the Western Ghats has a lot to offer. The scenic beaches, the coconut trees, the lush greenery, and the hills add beauty to the city. Dapoli has a lot of attractions ranging from beaches, historical monuments, ancient temples, and mesmerizing caves. There are many hotels and resorts in Dapoli as well. The Serene Nest is a 3BHK luxury villa located in the coastal hill station. Another highlight of the villa is that it offers a secret trek leading to India’s Gold Coast In Dapoli. This is what makes it one of the best resorts in Dapoli.

Luxury 3 BHK Villa With A Private Garden

Before we talk about the Gold Coast trek, we need to first talk a little bit about The Serene Nest Villa in Dapoli. The Serene Nest is the very definition of rustic comfort since it combines the best of both worlds. It gives a rustic and an evergreen ambiance as well provides you with modern amenities. This resort in Dapoli offers modern amenities such as King and Queen size beds, air-conditioning, mood lightings, unique art pieces, and much more.

It has a spacious living room where you can sit and relax. The hotel also has a kitchen. It is one of those resorts in Dapoli which will fill you with great memories.

What Is India’s Gold Coast?

Now let us come to the part that you all have been waiting for - India’s Gold Coast in Dapoli. It is Dapoli’s best-kept secret as only those who have the privilege of staying in The Serene Nest will be able to know about it easily. A 10-minute drive away from The Serene Nest lies a hidden 1-hour trek with heavenly views and experiences. The best part is that it is quite near to the resort in Dapoli.

The trek will be adventurous since it has a rugged trail, and the one-hour easy hike will surely keep you exhausted as well as entertained. The trail is filled with lush greenery and the fact that it’s a coastal hill station makes it even more beautiful. The best part - It’s a hidden spot and hence, you will not be bothered by a lot of people. It’s a jewel of a treasure for the guests to enjoy.

On completing the Gold Coast trek and finally reaching the top, this is where you will enjoy the experience the most. You get a magnificent view of the paradise-like beach! Hilltop Beach view is of the signatures of Dapoli which you shouldn’t miss.

Other Attractions

Other than India’s Gold Coast, there are many other attractions that you can explore in Dapoli. All these activities are near the various resorts in Dapoli. Some of them are:

  • Tamastirth Beach - It’s a beach known for its beauty and unique gravel. It’s a ten-minute drive from the Villa.

  • Ladghar Beach - A Magnificent beach that is known for its dolphin rides and other water sports. 20 minutes drive from The Serene Nest.

  • Panhalekaji Caves - A group of 29 caves that has sustained its natural glory for centuries.

  • Chandika Devi Temple - A idol of a goddess is made up of a single stone and is placed in the natural cave of the mountain.

  • Unaware Hot Water Springs - Another natural wonder is the hot water springs. The springs are located in the village of Unaware.

  • Parshuram Memorial - It’s a beautiful memorial of Shri Parshuram in the village of Burondi.

The Serene Nest by Bigfoot Stay is here to give a great Dapoli Experience!


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