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A Destination Wedding? Here Are The Reasons You Should Go For It!

Destination Wedding at a beach with chairs and altar.
A Destination Wedding? Here Are The Reasons You Should Go For It.

Destination Weddings have now emerged as a major trend. Everyone wants to have a dreamy wedding at a romantic getaway! Gone are the days when a large wedding at a nearby hall was grand enough. Every couple now wants to make their weddings memorable. A big fat Indian wedding at a palace in Rajasthan, A tropical wedding in Goa, or an exotic wedding in the Maldives, the possibilities are endless.

However, the question is, why are destination weddings gaining in popularity? Should you go for it? Here are the reasons why you should!

1. You Can Make Your Wedding Fun And Casual!

A bride and a groom on a motorbike at a wedding.
Make it fun!

We all know how long and traditional Indian Weddings are. Same baraat, some schedule, bride and the groom are silent, some standard food options, and all that jazz. Destination weddings are a great opportunity to let your hair down and enjoy. Want to have a chill wedding, why not go to Goa. Weddings can be booze, party and fun too.

2. Let’s Not Lie! Destination Weddings Like A Dream Come True

A beautifully decorated atmosphere for a destination wedding.
Let the magic flow!

We all want to go to Goa with our friends, explore the royalty and grandeur of Rajasthan, the tropical beauty of Kerala, or the all-in-one package that is Delhi! Or maybe you just want to go to a grand hotel and experience luxury. Destination Weddings can make all those dreams come true. It is flexible too, meaning that you can adjust your wedding according to your budget and preferences.

3. You Can Limit The Number Of Pesky Guests!

Too many relatives can be annoying. A typical Indian wedding has a guest that mostly consists of people you don't know and care about. Destination Weddings gallows you to cut the list down. Destination weddings have various other expenses, such as hotel room expenses, renting expenses, and expenses that will be required to make your destination wedding a grand one.

As such, you cut down on expenses by including less number of guests. As such, you, your partner, and the family of both sides will try to include those who ratter.

There Are Honeymoons Too! 2 Getaways Are Always Better Than One! Your destination wedding does not necessarily have to replace your honeymoon. You can have a “minimoon” too! You can check-in at a different hotel or a different location near the wedding location and have an intimate time with your partner.

So you can have two getaways, one with your friends and family and a romantic one with your partner. Do we need anything more!

4. Destination Weddings Are All About Going Wild And Thinking Out Of The Box

An Indian palace in Rajasthan.
Your wedding should be as grand as a palace.

Want to escape from the typical Indian wedding experience? Destination Weddings are a perfect opportunity! You can choose an exotic location and have an experience that will make you, your partner and the guests remember the wedding for life. You don't have to listen to those pesky relatives on how to do things, since you can choose to not invite them in the first place!

You can have an excursion included if you are having a wedding in Rajasthan, or if you are planning to go to a beach location, you can also organize a special beach party too! If you are having a wedding in a foreign country, you can integrate their culture into your weddings. Let your creativity fly and have a time of your life.

5. Leave Your Stress At Home


When you and your family are organizing the weddings themselves, you have too much stress in your mind. Catering, decorations, events etc, can give even the most stress-free person a headache. Destination weddings can reduce this stress considerably. Your hotel will take care of your decorations, catering and events. You just have to give them the details. There are dedicated wedding planners who will take care of organizing your wedding. Many even specialize in the destination wedding sector.

6. Get To Spend More Time With Your Guests

You get to spend days, and not merely a few hours with your guests. Since you invite those whom you rant to come, you will enjoy spending time with them. You can explore the exotic location together, have fun activities. Along with a romantic getaway, there can be a fun getaway too. Rather than dealing with unknown guests, you can give ample time to the people you cherish.

7. Get A Value For Money Experience!

Local weddings aren’t cheap. You need to spend on caterers, unknown guests, venue, baraat etc. If destination weddings may feel expensive, however, on-site weddings have their share of expenses, that too on things which you may don’t like.

8. No One Has An Home (Dis)Advantage

A grand Indian wedding.
Invite those whom you truly cherish!

Depending on how you look at it, either the bride or the groom has an advantage or a disadvantage of having the wedding venue at your place. One side will be able to get guests to their wedding guests easily since they stay nearby to the venue. On the flip side, you will have to invite more people due to obligations and you don't have an excuse for not inviting them.

With destination weddings, no one will have an undue advantage or disadvantage. Since it is a destination wedding, both sides have equal responsibilities regarding cost, looking for a venue, arranging guests etc. You both can sit, relax and enjoy the wedding together.

Destination Weddings seem convincing now, doesn’t it! Your wedding is a once in a lifetime experience! Don’t let monotony ruin it! Your life is a movie and your wedding should be its the most memorable scene! Check out more of our blogs to know more about getaways!


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