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6 Eco-Tourism Spots In Maharashtra For You To Relax And Unwind

Eco - Tourism Spots In Maharashtra
6 Eco-Tourism Spots In Maharashtra For You To Relax And Unwind

Everyone loves nature and understandably so. The greenery, the beauty and the fauna attract nature lovers who want new experiences. Maharashtra has a diverse geography and it is filled with forests as well as lush greenery. Many tourists want to explore the lushness that Maharasthra, a lot of eco-tourism spots in Maharashtra.

These eco-tourism places in Maharashtra are gaining in popularity since they offer the best of both worlds, the greenery and sustainability of nature and the infrastructure of a resort. We have identified the 6 Eco-Tourism Places In Maharashtra For You To Relax And Unwind.

6 Eco-Tourism Spots In Maharashtra For You To Relax And Unwind

1. Forganic Farms, Khopoli

Even though it is a farmstay, Forganic Farms is located amidst a forest. Forganic Farms is 22 acres of natural goodness. It has lush green trees of variety, open fields and the goodness of birds and butterflies! The mornings are the best part since you can experience a walk. The property is located near Khopoli and is easily accessible by road.

The farm also has a large lake, which is great for fishing, and a stream which you can walk along. We also have a dedicated forest trail that is filled with trees and greenery, giving you a perfect experience of nature. It also has a Machhan, where you can sit, relax and enjoy yourself. The area around the Machhan is quite open which can be a fabulous camping site.

The rooms are comfortable and come with all the modern amenities. There are Dorm rooms, Standard rooms, Deluxe rooms, and Stone Cottages available. However, we would recommend Bamboo Cottages since they offer the best nature has to offer.

The property offers many activities as well such as Burma Bridge, Activity Room, trails and many others. This is one of the best eco-tourism spots in Maharashtra!

Cost Per Night - 4700/- Plus taxes for Cottage Room.

2. Mango Forest Agro - Tourism, Velhe

If you are looking to escape from the Mango Forest Agro - Tourism Spots in Maharashtra. Located in the bountiful Sahyadri Hills, this resort is great for one-day trips, overnight trips, conferences and so much more! You should take full advantage of this eco-tourism spot in Maharashtra and explore Madhe Ghat, Torna Fort, Gunjavane Dam, and many other attractions.

The property has a fruit farm, dairy farm, and Konkan style houses that give a natural and sustainable feel to the place. The cottages are spacious and come with all the modern amenities. The property has Cottages as well as tent accommodations. The Air-Conditioned Cottages have attached bathrooms as well.

You can pursue several activities in this eco-tourism place in Maharashtra. Some of them include Indoor and Outdoor Games, Swimming Pool, Children’s play area, a Lawn with a fruit garden as well as a Multi-purpose hall with karaoke.

Cost per Night - 2000/- Veg, 2200/- - Non - Veg

3. The Machan, Lonavla

A luxurious experience in a sustainable way? The Machan does it all. This is one of the best eco-tourism spots in Maharashtra. You can indulge in relaxing therapies in our cabin as well as trek to explore the historical forts and caves. The resort generates all its energy from renewable sources and uses solar heaters for cooking. The resort also recycles the water they use to water the plants. This eco-tourism spot really lives up to its goals!

There are many types of Machan available and all of them come with modern amenities to make your stay as comfortable as possible. There are Canopy Machan, Forest Machan, Jungle Machan etc. All the Machans are spacious and have been built keeping the environment in mind.

The resort also offers a relaxing spa, which offers various massages which you can enjoy. You can also enjoy stargazing, private dining, trekking, as well as private bonfires. If you are more adventurous, the resort also organises treks up to 1000 ft above the property.

Cost Per Night - 9000/- Wood Cabins

4. Chira Meadows Eco - Resort, Jalgaon

If you are looking for a spacious resort away from the hectic city life, then Chira Meadows Eco - Resort is the place for you. The resort is constructed in such a way that it blends the best of nature and comfort. It is located in Dapoli, which is one of the best coastal hill stations in Maharashtra.

The resort is made of locally available Chira stones and Manglorean style roof, which makes it a perfect getaway if you are looking for a traditional feel amongst the goodness of nature.

There are many types of rooms available and come with all the modern amenities required for a memorable stay. The Air-Conditioned rooms have spacious bathrooms with modern amenities. There are Deluxe Rooms, Super Deluxe Rooms, Chalets and Family Suites. If you are looking for spacious rooms, then this is one of the best eco-tourism spots in Maharashtra for you.

The eco-tourism resort also offers several activities which include fishing and crab hunting, Dolphin Watching, Wildlife Photography, Bhutanese Dart Game as well as hosting weddings and other events. The resort also hosts local food festivals as well as Popti cooking. The restaurant offers delicious local coastal cuisine for you to relish!

Cost Per Night - 4450/- For Deluxe Room

5. Grape County Eco Resorts, Nashik

For those who are seeking the richness of nature, Grape County Eco Resorts is the place for you! This eco-tourism resort in Maharashtra is spread across 120 acres and is adjacent to 2000 acres of reserved forest.

The rooms are spacious and come with all the modern amenities. All the rooms come with wifi and an attached bathroom. The eco-tourism resort offers tent accommodation as well. The Bungalow accommodations are quite luxurious as well as spacious.

The Deck, a bi-cycled theme restaurant serves gourmet meals and fine spirits to help you unwind. You can enjoy several activities near the property too!

Cost Per Night - 11500/- For Deluxe Double Room

Yashodhan Agri-Tourism, Junnar

Yashodhan farms provide a great rural and rustic experience. The resort offers you an opportunity to stay amidst the natural surroundings of a village. This is one of those eco-tourism spots in Maharashtra that offers a variety of experiences. This farm combines the best of both worlds, comfort as well as nature.

There are many types of rooms available on the property. The rooms available are Royal Suites, Swiss Royal Tents, Dormitory Tents and Dormitory Cottages. The spacious rooms come with modern amenities, in addition, the property is great for hosting weddings and photoshoots.

The Wedding Banquet Hall can accommodate up to 200 people. The spacious property has beautiful palm trees, farms, tents in addition to a great mountain view which makes it a great place for photoshoots.

You can enjoy authentic rural Maharashtrian food as well as a farm experience. The resort prepares food using desi chulha You can also visit the natural wonders, forts and caves which are between 20 - 40 kilometres drive from the place.

Cost per Night - 6400/-

“6 Eco-Tourism Spots In Maharashtra” is curated by Bigfoot Stay to provide you with a great vacation experience.


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