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12 Do’s and Don’ts To Follow While Staying At A Homestay

A nice homestay at a hill station.
12 Do's And Don'ts To Follow While Staying At A Homestay

Homestays have now emerged as a popular accommodation type for holidays. They offer various advantages that hotels and resorts lack. Homestays are cheaper can accommodate more people, and leave all the extra frills behind. They also have other facilities such as a kitchen, living area and a dining area. Staying at a homestay gives a feeling of home away from home. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when you book a homestay. We have presented you these 12 Do's and Don'ts To Follow While Staying At A Homestay to have a smooth vacation.

Do’s To Follow While Staying At A Homestay

1. Respect Their Terms And Policies

When you book a homestay, you need to read their terms and conditions. Respecting them is of utmost importance because there is a two-way relationship between the client and the host. Many terms and policies have been put in place keeping safety, maintenance and the surroundings in mind. Respecting these terms and conditions will ensure that you enjoy staying at a homestay and the host is comfortable as well.

2. Inform them of your food preference beforehand

Each one of us has a different food preference, and you should inform the host days in advance before you enter. It will convenient for the host to know of your food preferences so that they can make arrangements in advance. Also, you need to read what is offered and the rules regarding food beforehand. Some homestays prohibit certain food items due to convenience and maintenance and they are within their rights to do so.

3. If You Need Anything, Don’t Hesitate To Tell Them

Staying at a homestay will be a great experience if your needs and preferences are fulfilled. Your host will try to make you as comfortable as possible. In case, you need anything, never hesitate to tell them. They may or may not be able to fulfil your requests, but you have a chance of getting them fulfilled only if you ask them! Be open and frank if you are disappointed with anything, they are always there to help you!

4. Be Respectful Of The Place

You may be staying at a homestay only for a couple to a few days, however, you need to respect it as your home. You need to maintain it properly because it is the host’s property. Your host goes through a lot of effort in maintaining its property. If you make a mess of the property, it will affect his or her business. At the same time, any damage to the place will lead to you being removed from the property or getting fined, which we should avoid.

5. Have Fun and Experiment!

Having fun at your homestay is of utmost importance because that’s what homestays are for! If you want to stay at a spacious homestay, you should bring your friends and family along, you should play games, dance and enjoy (keeping in mind the rules of course!) Even if you are staying alone, you can try many different things. You can use the kitchen to experiment with food and also use this time to relax.

6. Enjoyed Your Stay, Leave A Review and Feedback

Homestay business needs to grow. Leaving a good review will help them grow their business better. Giving good reviews will help the homestay business grow. If you bring your friends and family, ask them to leave a review too so that the business can grow and provide you better service. Leaving feedback in person and reviews can also help them update and upgrade and improve their service quality.

Don’ts To Follow While Staying At A Homestay

1. Don’t Be Rude

In the hospitality industry, mistakes do happen. It is no different for homestays. For some reason or the other, the property may have a malfunction, defect or an unexpected breakdown of any amenity. You need to be calm when you inform them of the defect. If the malfunction, flaw or defect is too glaring, you have every right to be firm and even disappointed. Being rude, shouting and screaming will not help the issue and also strain your relationship with the host. If it is genuine oversight or unexpected, then it is best to resolve it politely.

2. Avoid Making A Mess

Your host makes a lot of effort in maintaining the property for your stay, and after you go, they need to tidy it up for the next guest. Making a mess of your property will not only cause inconvenience to the host but will also ruin your stay because after exploring, you need to come to a clean property. The homestay you are staying at may or may not provide housekeeping, but it is always good manners to keep it neat. Keep your homestay tidy, especially keep your bed in a decent condition. It’s always polite to keep your bedsheets tidy and the blanket folded.

3. Don’t Play Loud Music

You should enjoy while staying at a homestay, that’s what it is for. However avoid playing music too loud, especially during the night. You and your friends may be vacationing, but the hosts and their neighbours aren’t. You need to be respectful of their privacy and comfort, and also the fact that they need to have a good nights sleep. Playing loud music can invade privacy and disturb others. When you enjoy your space, you need to give the others space too!

4. Don’t Book The Property Without Researching

Researching for a property is a tedious task. However, you should not get complacent and book the property based on a few pictures and a short description. Go through the reviews, do more thorough research of its amenities before you book the property. If you book without proper research, you will end up disappointed when you book the property.

5. Don’t Boss Around

You need to understand that you are the guest at the homestay, not the owner. You need to treat the host with respect. Bossing them around by constantly demanding additional things on the go and being rude to them for the smallest of inconvenience will not help you. You need to understand that your hosts have a life beyond this property and calling them constantly for the smallest of things is harassment. You need to respect them and they will respect you.

6. Don’t Indulge In Illegal Activities Or Anything Against The Policy

It’s great to have fun, but not too much. There are laws that you need to follow when you go for a vacation anywhere. If you indulge in any illegal activities, you and your host will be in trouble. You need to keep your part of the bargain if you are staying at a homestay. The host provides you with the property, you need to respect the laws and the dignity of the host. Avoid illegal activities and enjoy your vacation in the safest way possible. Along with laws, you need to follow the policy of the homestay as well. If the homestay doesn’t allow alcohol, don't try to smuggle it in. They will get to know.

Follow these 12 Do’s And Don’ts while staying at a homestay and you will have the best vacation ever! We, Bigfoot Stay are committed to providing you with the best vacation experience! Check out our blogs to get to know more!


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