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Introducing Bhumi Cottage - Our New Villa In Alibaug

Bhumi Cottage is the best villa in Alibaug.
Introducing Bhumi Cottage - Our New Villa In Alibaug

Alibaug is the perfect beach destination in Maharashtra. With its wonderful beaches, forts, attractions and adventure, the beach getaway attracts tourists across the state. It is quite near to Mumbai as well, meaning that it is the perfect weekend getaway! As such, there are many villas in Aliabaug to cater to families and large groups.

Bigfoot Stay has a villa for you too! Bhumi Cottage is our latest holiday villa in Alibaug with a swimming pool. We are located near Revdanda Beach and near the many beaches and attractions in Alibaug. We are the perfect blend of the homely rustic ambience with modern amenities. We are a 7-room property that will surely make your weekend getaway even better!

Bhumi Cottage Is Here!

Located amidst the lush greenery and the grooving coconut trees, Bhumi Cottage is the place for you! Located just 800 metres away from Revdanda Beach, you will surely feel the vibe of Alibaug the moment you enter. With 7 spacious rooms, modern amenities and a rustic homely design, you will surely fall in love with the villa in Alibaug!


a villa with swimming pool in Alibaug.
Our swimming pool is the highlight!

Our Property has everything you need. We have a swimming pool, Gazebo, Private Sit Out Area, Wifi, Music System, A Caretaker, Private Parking and so forth! With so many amenities you will surely love our villa in Alibaug!

The main highlight of the property is our swimming pool. The pool is spacious and is 15 x 30 feet in dimension and 4.5 feet deep. Our pool is the perfect space to take a dive and wash off all the stress and worries!


Rooms in Alibaug.
Our rooms will make you feel at home!

We are a homestay villa for a reason, to make you feel at home! The rooms are surrounded by grooving coconut trees. There are 7 rooms on the property, 5 in the main building and 2 behind the main building. The rooms are spacious with wooden furniture and simplistic design, complementing the wholesomeness of Alibaug.

The rooms have several modern amenities such as a geyser, shower, western toilet, flat-screen television and a private sit-out area. The best villa in Alibaug deserves the best rooms!

Places To Explore Nearby

Kihim Beach, Alibaug.
Alibaug is the perfect beach getaway near Mumbai

Bhumi Cottage is near Revdanda Beach and is also near the many tourist attractions in Alibaug. Some of the places that you can explore in Alibaug are as follows -

Revdanda Beach

The beach is unknown to many tourists, that is why it's clean, calm and serene. The Revdanda Beach on the fort is also a great place to explore. The beach is 800 metres above the villa.

Alibaug Beach

Alibaug Beach is great for watersports activities. You can also take a nice walk on the beach and view the sunset. You can also enjoy horse riding.

Mandwa Beach

Mandwa Beach is another serene beach in Alibaug, which is great for relaxing walks and watersports. It is one of the best beaches in Alibaug.

Kihim Beach

Kihim Beach is famous for its exotic species of birds and butterflies. The beach is calm and serene, being great for walks and lazing around

Kolaba Fort

Kolaba Fort is one of the famous forts of Maharashtra. You can reach the fort by walking if you are visiting during low tide, or use the fort if you are travelling during high tide. The fort is located 1 - 2 Kilometres from the shores of Alibaug.

Varsoli Beach

Varsoli Beach is isolated and serene, making it a great beach to explore in Alibaug. You can enjoy boat rides and engage in fishing.

With so much to offer, Bhumi Cottage is one of the best villas in Alibaug with swimming pool for families, friends and large groups. Bigfoot Stay is here to make your weekend getaway near Mumbai and Pune exciting and memorable! Read our blogs to know more about weekend getaways!


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