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Ellow Stay - The Best Luxury Farmhouse In Khopoli, Near Mumbai.

Ellow Stay By MOhan Farms is the best farmstay in Khopoli
Ellow Stay By Mohan Farms - Best Luxury Farmhouse In Khopoli

Everyone loves to go to a farmhouse, a perfect retreat from the daily ordinary life. The carefree vibes, the lush greenery and the open space are delightful changes from the enclosed spaces of our homes and office. When we think of a farmhouse, we think of a homely ambience, with is vast, yet simple. However, there is a luxury farmhouse in Khopoli that goes beyond the category name.

A luxury farmhouse? In Khopoli? Yes! You heard it right. Ellow Stay is the best farmhouse near Mumbai that offers resort-like amenities with home-like comfort. This farm resort in Khoopoli offers you everything, from a simmering swimming pool to lovely accommodations, tent stays and more.

Let us explore this beautiful farmstay in Khopoli near Mumbai together!

The Moment You Enter

Ellow Stay is the best farmstay near Mumbai in Khopoli.
You will be mesmerized the moment you enter.

The moment you enter, you will be greeted with a Yellow Structure, and mesmerizing greenery. The board - “Ellow Stay By Mohan Farms” will greet you. This luxury farmhouse in Khopoli has a vast spread, with several structures such as hammocks, a living room, a pergola and most importantly - the swimming pool.

With so many things to do on the property, you will surely fall in love with this farmstay in Khopoli, located near Mumbai.

One thing that stands out is the lovely aesthetics of the farm resort. The property has been designed to uplift your mood, with vibrant colours used in rooms, living rooms and exteriors. When you look at the images, I’m sure you will feel like hopping into your car and reaching the property right away!

Accommodations - Designed To Make You Feel Good

Ellow Stay By Mohan Farms - Farmhouse in Khopoli.
You are surely tempted to go inside this room!

Let us now talk about the main highlight, the accommodations. The rooms are spacious, with all the modern amenities you need for a comfortable stay. The interiors match the vibes of the property - carefree, aesthetic and soothing. The farmhouse in Khopoli offers three types of rooms - Classic Bedroom, Traditional Cottage and Family Cottage.

The classic bedroom is the quaint offering, with a double bed and a single bed. The rooms are designed in a pleasing manner, with a soothing combination of yellow and blue. One of the main highlights of the classic bedroom is the bathtub which is the only room category in the property to have one. The entire bathroom has been designed in an aesthetic manner. This room also has all the amenities you need.

The next room category is the Traditional Cottage. It has been designed in a simple manner. The bedroom has a double bed and can accommodate more people. The room has all the amenities such as a private bathroom and air conditioning. This farmhouse near Mumbai has every thing you need.

Next comes the Family Cottages. These rooms are spacious with a double bed and a bunk bed, with the lower berth being a spacious one. It is great for families and groups, and also has all the comforts and amenities.

With so many room options, you will have a comfortable stay at our farmhouse in Khopoli.

Swimming Pool With Pergola - Our Main Highlight

Farmstay in Khopoli
A serene poolside experience

One of the main highlights of our luxury farmhouse in Khopoli is the swimming pool. Our swimming pool is spacious and is guaranteed to leave you rejuvenated. The pool is surrounded by the lush greenery of the lawn area. Not only that, but you can also enjoy the view of the property as well. There is also a kid’s pool as well.

Paired with the pool is a Pergola, a perfect place to sit around and have fun. It is located just next to the pristine waters of the swimming pool. The Pergola adds to the charm of the property. It is also the perfect place to sit and relax, enjoy a candlelight dinner and also enjoy birthdays, parties and anniversaries.

Fabulous Outdoor Spaces, Just For You!

The property boasts various outdoor spaces as well. For example, you can enjoy dining at the Pergola as well as the outdoor seating. The property has a spacious living room as well, where you can relax and interact with your friends and family. The best part is that the resort is pet-friendly, meaning that you can bring your furry friends with you as well!

The farmstay in Khopoli also has an organic garden, along with lush green lawns. You can also play outdoor games as well. Not only that, but guests can also enjoy outdoor camping as well. Speaking of which…

Camping, Tents, Bonfires And More

Camping in Khopoli
Experience camping like never before!

Ellow Stay By Mohan Farms also offers a complete camping experience in Khopoli, near Mumbai and Pune. There are many things you can do - barbeque, bonfires and more! The tents are spacious and cozy, offering you all the amenities you need.

The best way to enjoy camping at our farmhouse in Khopoli is to enjoy the barbecue and bonfire experience. You can enjoy delicious veg and non-veg snacks. Sit around the bonfire, have fun, play music and more!

With so many things to do, you will surely have the best camping site near Mumbai and Pune, located in Khopoli near you. With so many things to do, Ellow Stay By Mohan Farms is the best farmhouse in Khopoli near Mumbai. You should definitely visit this property during the weekends, vacations and more. Read our blogs to know more about the various things to do, spaces to explore, and weekend getaways to stay near Mumbai and Pune.


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