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Ekayana Resort - The Complete Boutique Resort Near Pune

Ekayana Resort is the best boutique resort near Pune. It is located near Mulshi.
Ekayana Resort - The Complete Boutique Resort Near Pune

‘A boutique resort? What’s that?” You must be wondering. Simply put, it's a resort which has fewer rooms and aims to provide a unique experience to the guests with the aesthetically pleasing design of its rooms and amenities. These resorts usually have a theme, which characterizes the property. In fact, we have a boutique resort near Pune with a swimming pool for you! - Ekayana Resort.

Ekayana Resort is among the best boutique resorts near Pune with a swimming pool. It offers classy amenities, a spacious lounge and a simmering swimming pool, and combines it with a naturalistic theme. It is located near Pimpri - Chinchwad, one of the suburbs of Pune.

I bet you are getting curious now. Let us walk you through this fabulous boutique resort near Pune. It is located near Mulshi as well.

Ekayana Resort - The Perfect Boutique Experience

Boutique resort near Pune.
A boutique resort with a fabulous villa and quaint cottages.

If you are looking for a fabulous resort near Pune and Mulshi with a swimming pool, then Ekayana Resort is the perfect paradise for you! It is a dreamy escape from the boredom and monotony of city life and the daily hustle.

When you will enter the premises, you will be greeted with a Hanuman Temple, which is a spectacular site in itself. Once you reach our location, you will be greeted by a lovely boutique resort with a swimming pool. The resort will be filled with lovely villas and two boutique cottages and is guaranteed to give you a stay that you will love.

A Boutique Resort With Spacious Villa and Cottages

Cottages and Villas near Mulshi
Blue Lotus Cottage Room

Now let us come to the main part! Ekayana Resort is a boutique hotel with a spacious villa and lovely cottages. The resort offers three accommodations - Marigold Villa, Red Rose Cottage And Blue Lotus Cottage.

Marigold Villa is the largest offering. The resort can accommodate a minimum of 15 people. The Villa is well furnished, with a spacious living room, with various amenities such as Tata Sky, Towels, Toiletries, Air Conditioning, and various other amenities.

The Cottages in Ekayana Resort are Red Rose Cottage And Blue Lotus Cottage. The Red Rose Cottage can accommodate 4 people while the Blue Lotus Cottage can accommodate up to 6 people. These cottages are painted based on their colour name and are designed keeping comfort and experience in mind. These cottages have various modern amenities as well.

These accommodations have seen designed by combing modern amenities with rustic and classic ambience. These rooms will soothe your soul and ensure that you have a fantastic getaway.

Filled With Amenities

Indoor Games Area
Indoor Games Area

A boutique resort near Pune is incomplete without the amenities. Ekayana Resort is filled with them to the brim! The resort offers a swimming pool, dining area, children’s play area, and an indoor games area.

The simmering swimming pool is the perfect spot to wash away all your stress and worries. Our indoor games room offers various activities like Carrom, Chess and Table Football. The resort also has arrangements for badminton and cricket, which you all can play on the open ground.

Our Dining area is located at the top, where you can enjoy the view of the property. It also serves delicious local and Indian delicacies, as well as a standard breakfast. Our dining area serves both veg and non-veg food.

If you have kids with you, then don’t worry! We have a kid’s play area as well, where you can bring your kids with you and enjoy a weekend getaway with your family. Our open space and amenities are the perfect getaway for families and group travellers.

Lounge Experience

Ekayana Resort - Boutique hotel near Pune.
Lounge Area at Ekayana Resort Near Pune

However, our signature amenity is the lounge area. The lounge area is located near the pool and is designed by combining tradition and modernity. The lounge combines royal blue colours with earthly brown colours, making it a perfect combo. The lounge is the perfect place to relax, chit-chat and have fun with your friends and family.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Our boutique resort is here to welcome you! We are among the best resorts near Pune with a swimming pool, offering you all the amenities you need for a fabulous getaway! Come to our property to experience a staycation like never before!

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