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5 Resorts In Maharashtra Perfect For Diwali Celebrations In 2021 #Ecofriendlydiwali

5 Resorts In Maharashtra Perfect For Diwali Celebrations In 2021 #Ecofriendlydiwali

The most popular and gleaming festival in India- ‘Diwali’ is on its way. Being the most peaceful, auspicious, and bright occasion of the year, Bigfoot Stay has decided to recommend its members with ‘5 Resorts In Maharashtra Perfect For Diwali Celebrations In 2021’.

Bigfoot Stay believes in the celebration of a #EcofriendlyDiwali in 2021, after the long wait of the pandemic to travel during the brightest time of the year. Year after year people travel to different destinations to celebrate Diwali with family and close ones. And we cannot wait to share with you some of the Best Resorts In Maharashtra to ignite the positivity and sparkles of this festive season!

Diwali 2021 is here to make a significant entrance bringing in the times when traveling is safe again! Visit these resorts this year, and spend a #ecofriendlydiwali and #staysafe

Here’s Our List Of 5 Resorts In Maharashtra To Visit During Diwali 2021 :

1. Avanti Kalagram, Mulshi

Avanti Kalagram, Mulshi

Spend your long-due festive vacation at Avanti Kalagram, Mulshi this season. Every year during Diwali, the resort is decorated with beautiful diyas, strings of lights, and flowers. This not only makes it a joyful ambiance but radiates an immense amount of jubilant vibes!

Every year, ‘Avanti Kalagram- The Art Village’ celebrates an Eco-Friendly Deepawali at the hill-top property surrounded by a pleasant breeze, mountains, valleys, and a dam.

This is the perfect time to visit them and adopt greenways to spend festivals, staying away from sound and air pollution with close ones.

2. Cherilyn Monta Resort, Ratnagiri

Cherilyn Monta Resort, Ratnagiri

What better way to celebrate an #EcofriendlyDiwali than in the midst of 300+ trees, lakes, mountains, rare species of birds, and unique lush plantations? You heard right, Cherilyn Monta Resort in Rajapur celebrates Deepawali every year in the most elegant way possible.

On a festive staycation here get ready to treat yourselves with beautiful traditional sights of flower rangolis, extravagant diyas, fairy lights, lamps, lanterns, and over-the-edge service from their warm staff members. Based in the heart of Konkan, the resort is a spot-on destination to celebrate Deepawali 2021 with lots of traditional sweets, meals, and snacks.

Bring along your Diwali #OOTD and get ready to get some really cool Diwali pictures at the picturesque resort!

3. Yashodhan Agri Tourism, Junnar

Yashodhan Agri Tourism, Junnar

Since all of us have spent the last couple of Diwali festivals at home itself, Yashodhan Agri Tourism has decided to go all-out this year! The right way to celebrate Deepawali for Punekars and Mumbaikars is to stay at the best Agri Tourism Resort In Maharashtra.

The resort has arranged stays for its guests in Luxurious Swiss Tents lit up by lanterns and festive lights all around. Their lush green lands are perfect to live it up in a traditional style with family and friends.

As you stay at this Agri Tourism Resort during Diwali, rest assured to get treated with the best hospitality and delicious festive-themed sweets and foods at the resort restaurant.

Celebrate the festival of lights at the sit-out areas, verandas, resort interiors, lawns, and celebration hall filled with Diwali Lights and Traditional Music!

4. Mango Forest Agro Tourism, Velhe

Mango Forest Agro Tourism, Velhe

During Diwali, we celebrate the triumph of good over evil by bursting crackers and lighting up houses with lights to express joy. In modern times, just like many others, this resort has decided to celebrate a Diwali that preserves mother nature. Here are some ways to take part in the festivities at the resort in a nature-friendly manner.

Mango Forest is a resort at a hilltop in Velhe, Pune. Brightly lit during the normal nights, this property is a dreamland of lights and diyas during Deepawali. Considering how Diwali Staycations are always a fun time for families to celebrate and bond, the resort has you backed with festive gifts, sweets, and traditional lights.

You can indulge in some great spa time and feel at ease as you celebrate the festival here. Monk Minds, the sub-brand of the resort offers great massage and yoga therapy packages for its guests! Mango Forest is definitely one of the best calming resorts to visit during festive times.

5. Shantai By The Lake, Guhagar

Shantai By The Lake, Guhagar

Shantai By The Lake’s luxurious traditional structure stands proud in the midst of Konkan, Guhagar. During festivals like Diwali, the property is decorated with glamorous lights and flowers. Travelers will not only be amazed by their vintage architecture but also the Konkani Festive Cuisines they serve at the restaurant.

We would recommend visiting this resort if you’re planning a trip to the Konkan this Diwali. Guests can take walks on the lawns, gaze through the dreamy illuminating resort exteriors, festive interiors accessorized by diyas & rangolis, and a pristine lake view.

We can surely say that the festive vibes of Diwali bring a certain charm to Shantai By The Lake!

For Reservations and Enquiries get in touch with us on Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, or call us. Travelers can also visit the resort websites and contact them directly.

Happy Diwali In Advance!


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