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Short Vacations Or Long Vacations? Which One Is Best For You?

Long Vacations and Short Vacations.
Short Vacations Or Long Vacations? Which One Is Best For You?

Everyone wants a break. Weeks of hectic work, commute, stressful weekdays and boring weekends will make anyone want to take a sweet escape. There are many places to explore, but limited time. That’s where the difficult part comes in. You have to decide which place to go, the budget and how long are you going to go on the break. This will depend upon your professional status, type of occupation and the number of leaves you get.

One major dilemma is between Short Vacations and long vacations. Short Vacations are typically less than 7 days, while long vacations are generally 7 days or more. Short breaks include weekends and long weekends, while long breaks include longer getaways such as summer break, Diwali Break, Christmas Break and others.

Long vacations are generally for locations that have a lot of things to explore and do, while Short Vacations are for weekend getaways. There is confusion among a lot of vacationers as to which one they should take. Each has its own pros and cons.

Short Vacations Pros

A beach with blue waters. It is the best place to be during a short vacation.
A Short break has its own charm!

Short Vacations are generally reserved for weekends and extended weekends. They are shorter in duration and are preferred by those who want a short break from life’s monotony. Some of the advantages of Short vacations are:

  • You can have more short vacations than long vacations. The opportunities for long breaks come only once or twice a year, while you can have a short vacation on weekends, extended weekends and on other public holidays combined with weekends!

  • Shorter vacations are easier to plan compared to long vacations. You have to select only one place, while on long holidays, you need to visit multiple locations in one place. On short holidays, you can book a room at one hotel, while on long vacations, you need to book a room in multiple hotels in the various places you will visit.

  • Since you are booking a lesser number of days and a lesser number of room nights, short vacations are cheaper than long holidays. You also save on transportation costs and various other expenses related to travel.

  • If you are a corporate employee or someone with a busy schedule, then shorter vacations are easier to take compared to long vacations. It is also a nice break from hectic work life. This is also great for students since they can plan a trip on the go, enjoy the short trip and come back.

Long Vacations Pros

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.
With long breaks, you can explore more!

Long vacations are generally taken for at least 7 days. They are of longer duration compared to short holidays. They are usually undertaken during major breaks such as Summer Break, Winter break and other festive breaks. Here are a few of the advantages of taking longer holidays over short holidays:

  • You get a longer escape with long vacations. You get enough time away from the hectic boring work life. A 7 - 10 day vacation is a great opportunity to have a fabulous getaway away from work.

  • You get to explore more places within the same region. You can explore more places, beaches, sites and cities within the region than you can do during a short holiday. For example, if you are exploring Goa, you can explore North as well as South Goa if you are visiting it during a long weekend. You can explore the holiday destination more extensively.

  • You can enjoy the vacation at your own pace. You can choose the days to relax and days to explore. With more time on your hand, you can explore more sites within the same place. You don’t have to rush between different sites. You can sit down, choose which places to explore when and spare some time to casually explore the place itself!

  • In some locations, long vacations are a necessity. There are some cities, regions and countries that require at least 7 - 10 days to explore properly. Cutting it short will only ruin the experience. If you have a family, then treating them to a long vacation once or twice a year is a great idea.

So Which One Is Better?

a beach destination is great for short and long breaks.
Ultimately, It's up to you!

It really depends on your preferences and the options you have. If you have a tight schedule, taking many short vacations will be better. If you have enough time on your hands, then taking a long vacation once or twice a year will be a great opportunity to explore new places and refresh yourself. Sometimes, you can take a middle ground, i.e 3 - 5 days of vacation at one location. You can be flexible and explore more holiday options.

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